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Santa Barbara Overview

Santa Barbara is unique. It's like a wonderful island—not far from major cities, yet far enough away to make a major difference. It's a beautiful place to live. I've lived and worked here for more than 30 years so I know Santa Barbara well.

Santa Barbara is a large county, divided north-south and roughly separated by the Santa Ynez mountains that line our coast. The north, being more rural, is experiencing more growth. The south, what we call the South Coast, is where the City of Santa Barbara is located, and that's the subject of this Web site. Roughly half of the county's 400,000 people live along the South Coast.

Santa Barbara Map 

South Coast communities are strung along a very narrow coastal shelf that is hemmed in by large mountains, making for dramatic views. Because California's coastline makes a bend toward the Pacific at Point Concepcion, our South Coast is actually on an east-west axis, which can be confusing when giving directions. When you go “Up the Coast” here, you are really going west, not north. Similarly, communities like Montecito and Summerland, which are “down the coast” from Santa Barbara, are actually further east, rather than south, of the city.

South Coast weather is mild—mostly sunny but seldom hot, thanks to the California Current, which brings us cool water and moderates our temperatures. Our winters feature many beautiful days and cool or cold evenings. Winter also brings our rainy season. (We average 17"/year.) If we're lucky, our mountains will be capped with snow for several days. Our springs are mild. We do get fog and overcast skies, mostly during spring and early summer. This is especially so near the beach. Late summer and early fall are warmer and dry. If it's going to be hot, it usually hits us in September or even October. This is also the time when we can have powerful down-canyon winds called Santa Ana.

The South Coast consists of five areas, from south to north: Carpinteria, Summerland, Montecito, Santa Barbara, and Goleta, all linked by US Highway 101. The centerpiece of the South Coast is the City of Santa Barbara.

The area was first settled by Chumash people, who had lived and thrived here for a millennium before the Spanish came. A Spanish garrison followed Father Serra and founded the Santa Barbara Presidio and Mission in 1782. In many ways Santa Barbara remains an old city. Descendants of the Presidio soldiers still live in Santa Barbara. Like many Santa Barbarans, I find our history fascinating.

Santa Barbara has kept its Spanish tradition alive in its architecture and in its culture. The dominant theme of Santa Barbara architecture is Spanish-Mediterranean, which adds to the city’s charm.

Because people want to live here, our economy generally does well. But it is largely based on service industries: tourism, agriculture, a small contingent of high-tech companies, and the University of California. You won't see large factories here.

Everyone will tell you that Santa Barbara is special. Few places are blessed with our marvelous climate, spectacular views, and abundant natural beauty. Another major reason Santa Barbara is special is that we've fought hard to keep it that way. Growth here is limited and development restricted. We don't want to see ourselves go the way of the rest of Southern California.

Santa Barbara has evolved into a small city with amenities some metropolises would envy: fine restaurants, good theater, a first class art museum, excellent symphony orchestras, galleries, book stores, good shopping, you name it. It's also a great place for outdoor activities. We live with the Pacific Ocean on one side, and on the other, one of the most beautiful and remote wildernesses in the country. For more on activities, click on my "Best of Santa Barbara" link, where you’ll find comprehensive information on the best about our town as well as colorful photos and art from my own office.

As with most beautiful places in the world, housing is relatively expensive. But as I'll show you, there IS something for everyone. That's my strength as a real estate broker. I know the market well. I am good at getting my clients what they want.

For detailed information about Santa Barbara's neighborhoods, click on the above links. Each area has its charms and challenges. I strive to give my clients the facts about both so that they can make informed choices about buying in Santa Barbara.


Let Chris Casebeer's clients tell you why he's been a top Santa Barbara broker for over 30 years.
“As a single woman making a big change in her life, I felt very comfortable knowing that you and your knowledge of the real estate market would help make this transition possible. The many reassuring and informative phone calls back and forth between Chicago and Santa Barbara during the negotiating period were professional and very supportive, and kept me calm during a normally stressful time. Your easy and sensitive manner made me feel confident that everything would fall into place - and it did! An additional bonus is your knowledge of this town and the people in it. If I have a question about anything from hiking trails to professional services, you always have well informed suggestions.”
-Marilyn Conrad


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