Chris Casebeer's Guide to Adult Education in Santa Barbara

Take Classes

Santa Barbara has the most active and vibrant system of adult education classes. Take a class or teach a class. Santa Barbara City College's Continuing Education program is tops in the nation. There are hundreds of courses in everything from learning languages, computers, photography, literature, health, to crafts, physical education, senior activities, English As A Second Language, and health occupations. And they are very inexpensive. I can't recommend it enough.

Another way to go is to take regular courses at Santa Barbara City College. There is no barrier in taking classes even if you already have a degree. City College is one of the best educational institutions in the state and has an excellent faculty. The programs are extensive. Many of the courses are geared to those working full time so that night courses are offered in many areas.

The University of California has many courses for professional enhancement through its UCSB Extension program.

In addition to this there are courses taught at many of the educational nonprofit organizations such as art courses at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, horticultural courses at the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History's courses, or at the Santa Barbara Zoo.

Learning never ends, and it's easy in Santa Barbara.

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